I can Prerun and make GPS notes for you and your copilot

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Work Opportunity

Calexico, CA

I am a experienced navigator and make the best notes of anyone. Some drivers might not have the 2 weeks to go take time off and prerun. Also logistics you know what it takes to do a Baja 500 4 or 5 times prerunning. I make notes and different pace from UTV to TT speeds.

I have many options to help you. I can take my prunner and have someone drive for me while I make notes, Or I can go with you and show you the best lines and make notes.

Teams I work with love the for me to go out and hunt the lines sort out what is best. I mark every turn on the course, also rock, dangers , passing lines, I mark it all.. Then you and your copilot can show up a few days before the race do one fast lap prerun fine tune how you like it then your ready to race..

This is a great way to save time and money and get race notes very few have.

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