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BFD Revo (Supercharged Ecotech & Magnum 44) - Exceptionally Clean

2014 BFD Revo$30,500.00 OBO
For Sale

Lincoln, CA

Exceptionally clean 2014 BFD Revo - very low use

- CBM built Ecotec 2.0 Supercharged (real, factory GM LSJ)
- 19” front travel
- 17” rear travel
- 136” overall length
- 73” front track width
- 83” rear track width
- 96” wheelbase
- HD front hubs and brakes
- Boxed construction 930 micro stub-trailing arms
- Custom adjustable pedal assembly
- Undercarriage protection with 3/16 aluminum skid plates
- Side steps and grab handle
- Custom "dead pedal"
- Tie down mounts
- Custom aluminum package including drop center hood with scoop, full length side panels, front firewall, roof, dash, and rear quarter panels
- 16 gal fuel cell (real fuel cell)
- Holley Hydramat pickup in cell
- Upgraded hardware package from BFD, including heims, Delren bushings, grade 8 bolts, spacers, etc.
- Solid aluminum floor and sub floor
- Walker Evans 2.0 adjustable front coil-overs with piggyback reservoirs (built/tuned by Ed "The Suspension Guy")
- Walker Evans 2.5 internal bypass adjustable coil-overs with piggyback reservoirs (built/tuned by Ed "The Suspension Guy")
- Rear 930 micro stub hubs with 4 piston calipers
- 31” all terrain tires on Method wheels
- Full contour DOT approved windshield with custom frame
- Fabricated custom center console and vertical console
- Wing trunk
- Electric power steering upgrade
- Pressure plate 200mm
- 6-puck disc
- Giant radiator and fan shroud assembly, upgraded brushless fan
- Giant heat-exchanger for the intercooler
- Axle kit: 930 axles with clamps, rave CVs with Chromoly Cage, flanges, CV boots, CV clapms and CV grease
- M44 Transaxle with PBS shifter
- Rugged Radio 50 watt car to car kit with 2 PTTs
- Custom Twisted Stitch Seats with seat heater
- Twisted Stitch 3” padded 5-point harness
- Embee powder coating
- Rigid Dually D2 LED light pair-driving-white
- Rigid 40” SR series hybrid single row-spot/flood combo-white
- LED buggy whip
- Autometer Gauges
- Fire extinguisher
- Keith Longerot Magnum 44 Transmission
- Full set of nearly-new DWT billet beadlock wheels with buffed Baja Pros and Dunesport tires
- Lots of spare parts, tools and fluids (CVs, heims, CV boots, etc.)

I just picked this car up at the start of the season from the original owner, who had hardly used it. I planned/hoped to have a lot of time in Glamis but life and work just didn't allow for it and I've only had 2 trips all season. We live north of Sacramento, at the foothills of the Sierras and I want to pick myself up another RZR. This car is built very strong and includes dirt tires and could easily do hardpack and desert running, but where we wheel there is a lot of snow and rock-crawling that demands 4wd.

Again, this thing is super clean and shows like new. The trailing arms aren't all sand-blasted like every other car out there, the powder coat on the aluminum still shines like new, the Rigged LED lenses aren't sand blasted out, the windshield isn't pitted or scratched, etc. etc.

If you went to the Sand Sports Super Show this summer this was the red BFD Revo in BFD's booth - as you saw it was basically brand new at that point. Since then I've put very little time on it with only 2 trips to G, during which I sent it back to Lievense Race Services for some upgrades (listed below) so I didn't even run it the whole time. I like a car that is 110% dialed-in and ready to go, so before I even took it out the car was prepped. Since then I've had LRS change/add:

- Removed super-narrow Method beadlock wheels with "sucked in" STUs that did not complement the incredible handing of the car
- Added DWT billet beadlock wheels with 33" Baja Pro front ("shaved/buffed") and 14.5-15 Dune Sport rears (aka "a Funco setup"). Being a mid-engine with a 96" wheelbase this car already turned on a dime and handled better than any of my previous cars, but the Baja Pro/Dune Sport setup was the icing on the cake. This is one of the most fun cars you'll ever dune short of a 1000+ HP Gen 6/GT-whatever Funco
- Custom dead-pedal (aka foot-rest for your left foot when it's not on the clutch)
- Re-fabbed exhaust to move the muffler out from underneath the fuel cell (safety first)
- Holley Hydramat (the pickup in the car ran to the bottom of the cell, made a 180 and went about 1/3rd of the way back UP in the cell, so you'd never use more than 2/3rds of the fuel)
- Added relay triggered by ignition key for seat heaters (to prevent accidentally leaving them on overnight and having a dead battery - yes I'm that ridiculous, everything has to be RIGHT)
- Added boost-gauge (just fun to watch, but also good to monitor and I had planned to "turn it up" later)
- All new CV-boots. Full disclosure: one cracked, so I figured the rest were about to go. We replaced the CV that got sand in it with a brand new unit, but cleaned the old one up for a spare, there are now 3 total spare CVs with the car, 2 are brand new (I forgot they came with the car when we bought the new one - d'oh)
- All CVs serviced while doing boots
- Fresh plugs
- Fresh fuel filters (removed pre-filter because the Holley Hydramat acts as a pre-filter, replaced post-filter)
- All fresh fluids
- Serviced air filter + spare filter

I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting, but as always no corners were cut and it was "maintained with an open checkbook" exclusively by LRS.

Asking: $35,000 including the Baja Pros/Dunesports on DWT beadlocks, dirt tires on Method non-beadlocks, and the Method beadlock wheels (wheels ONLY), all spares, etc.

This car is 100% ready to go. I also have a DVD with DOZENS of pictures of the build of this car. You can see all the care and detail that went into it, as well as how everything is wired and plumbed so you'll never have to wonder where something is or how it was built.


I also have a built badass 2.3 with ported blower for it:
2.4 Block with oil squirters
custom JE pistons 9.5:1 Ceramic coated tops and sides
Totalseal rings
Clevite bearings
Eagle h-beam rods
2.2L GM crank
CNC ported new style (individual coil) L61 head - includes cnc ported combustion chambers
82# valve springs (good for 9000rpm)
Inconel exhaust valves (oversized)
Nitride intake valves (oversized)
Comp cams
Adjustable cam gears
Neutral balance shafts
Port matched intake manifold
Port matched blower (throttle body inlet does not taper down or use an adapter)
2.7" blower pulley
Dual pass innercooler kit
60lb injectors
MEFI4B ECU and harness
Additional $6k.

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