*Race Ready* RZR Xp Turbo With Spare package $49k

Polaris RZR XP Turbo $49,000.00
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Hemet, ANY
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RZR Xp turbo
New motor 1000 miles ago
Car had full prep about 200 miles ago, (diff, driveline, heims, axles, carriers, hubs, wheel bearings, hardware, transmission, pedal, fluids, brakes etc.)we have it all ready to go run Vegas to Reno
Car has lots of upgrades
-Xp Pro transmission and clutches
⁃ Shocks, rebuilt valved, re spring by Altech Motorsports about 200miles ago
⁃ RCV axles
⁃ Weddle upgraded and prepped RS1/ turbo s front diff
⁃ Shock therapy race rack and pinion
⁃ Gusseted front suspension and steering mounts
⁃ CBR primary Raditior gen2
⁃ CBR secondary Raditior gen2
⁃ Dual spall fans
⁃ UTV inc alternator kit
⁃ Cognito long travel suspension
⁃ Baja designs 2 XL 80s, 10inch bar, dome light and Rear light
⁃ KC BITD legal blue light
⁃ AIM MXUTV Data display and acquisition system with belt temp sensor
⁃ Race spec wiring done by Hotwire, all mil spec switches and breakers
⁃ PCI intercom
⁃ Kenwood TK7360
⁃ Lowrance HDS7 with point 1 antenna (carbon fiber guard)
⁃ Set up for a second GPS Lowrance Elite 9 with point 1 antenna (carbon fiber guard)
⁃ Carbon fiber hood
⁃ Driver/ co drive PTT and horn switches
⁃ Federal signal siren
⁃ Sand Craft carrier bearing
⁃ Pryotec fuel cell (20 gallon)
⁃ Dry break
⁃ Sparco EVO 2 US seats
⁃ Sparco steering wheel
⁃ Sweet MFG quick release hub
⁃ PCI fresh air pumper
⁃ All AN plumbing (fuel and water)
⁃ Silicone charge tube
⁃ Silicone intake tube
⁃ Cognito sway bar end links
⁃ Billet motor mounts
⁃ Sheet metal done by Jason next level aluminum fab
⁃ King screw jack
⁃ Factory UTV skid plate
⁃ Odyssey pc925 battery
⁃ Limit straps
⁃ Autometer fuel pressure gauge
⁃ Impact harnesses
⁃ Visors
⁃ RMR floating front brakes with willwood calipers and rotors
⁃ Chromoly cage 1.5 inch 95wall
⁃ Method 401 r wheels
⁃ BFG race tires
This car is BITD legal, very expensive build, has a lot added to beaf it up and keep it reliable, professionally wired to run off factory charging system or alternator or both. Comes with an extremely large spare package with many brand new parts, we have everything (car and spares for 2 chase trucks) ready to go run Vegas to Reno. All setup to ensure that either chase truck would have any needed spare. Fast car, will run 100mph. Car has it all, any questions call

Some of the spares that are included :
Belts- 5 new, 3 good used
Limit straps- 7
Air filters- 2 new
Ignition coils- 2 new, 3 good used
Throttle body- 1
Secondary water pump- 1 new, 1 good used
Voltage regulator- 1 new, 1 good used
Accelerator pedal - 1 new, 4 good used
Fuel rail- 1 new, 1 good used
Intercooler- 1
Stock Calipers- 4
RMR willwood caliper- 1 new
RMR brackets - 1 left 1 right new
RMR hat - 1 new
RMR rotor- 1 new
RMR willwood caliper hardware and rebuild kit-2
Cognito sway bar end links- 2 new
Cognito Radius rods - 2 upper 2 lower
Steering tie rods- 1 left 1 right
Race proven alternator- 1 new
Alternator belts- 4 new
Alternator pulley- 2
Fuel pump- 1 new, 2 used
Fuel seals, sock, gaskets
Starter- 1
Brake master cylinder- 1
Ignition wires- 4 new
Brake pads- 2 new willwood, 2 new OEM
Wastegate- 3
RS1/Turbo S front diff- 1
Odyssey PC925- 1
Sway bar- 1
Cognito A-Arms - 2 new 2 used, (full set)
Motor mounts- 3
Turbo feed line- 1
Turbo gaskets- 4
Shock seals- 2 new front, 2 new rear
Spring sliders - 4
Detonation sensor- 1 new, 1 used
Map/IAT Sensor- 2 new
Speed sensor- 1 new
Mass Air flow- 1 new
O2 Sensors- 1 new, 1 used
Wastegate solenoid- 1
Crank sensor- 1 new 1 used
U joint 1- 1 new
Carrier bearing- 1
Aim Cable- 1
Heims - 6
Uni balls- 5
Spindle pins- 2 new
Shock caps- 6
Air box caps- 1 new
Shock Therapy Rack boots- 2 new
Weddle Transmission bearing/seal kit- 1 new
Starter solenoid- 1 new
Muffler- 2
Header pipe- 1
Front spindle/ bearing carrier- 2 left 2 right
Hubs - 1 new, 5 used
Stock rotors- 4
Rear bearing carriers- 3 new, 1 used right, 1 new 2 used left
Wheel bearings- 10 new
ECU- 1
Injectors- 2
Dyno jet charge turbo- 1 new
Dyno Jet intake j tube- 1 new
RCV CV joint- 2 inner 1 outer both new
RCV axles - 2 new front 1 new rear, 1 used rear
Lots of new RCV boots, rebuild kits and parts
Lots of new hardware and fluids
Lots of new diff and Transmisson seals
Method 401-R high off set wheels- 10 some new some used
BFGoodrich 32-9.5R15 Race tires- 6new 4 used
Set of tire blocks

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