2014 XP1K Lonestar Racing BITD Race Legal build with a Bikeman built motor (300 miles/1 race on build)

2014 Polaris Razor 1000$25,000.00 OBO
For Sale

El Cajon, CA

2014 XP1K Lonestar Racing BITD Race Legal build with a Bikeman built motor (300 miles/1 race on build) - 144hp on the Dyno, and enough parts to get you through the race. I am selling my BITD Legal RZR that was recently freshened up from front to rear.
Custom front and rear skid plates, manual timing chain adjuster, LSR Tranny bolt and bearing upgrade, 2 - 400cfm belt blowers, Razorback belt temp gauge, 2015 belt cover, UMP oversized air filter with 2 spare filters, Holz Racing sway bar with LSR rod ends, Fluidyne rear mount radiator, custom aluminum floor pans and center console, all new heim joints front and rear, sleeved A-arm mounts with ARP bolts. ARP bolts in all moving parts including a-arms, front and rear shocks, sway bar, trailing arms, radius rods, wheel bearing carriers, and knuckles. Sandcraft RCR driveshaft bearing, greasable spicer u-joints, new tie rods and tie rod ends, New CVs and axles on 4 corners, Fox 3.0 rear shocks and 2.5 front shocks with 1 race on rebuild, onboard Hydra-jack, tire pressure monitoring system, Rugged Radios 6100 -w- DSP chips and BT for music, AFR gauge, battery voltage gauge, New trailing
arms, Rackzilla steering rack, full 3/8 plastic skid trimmed to fit front bumper (saves the skid), Holz Racing engine and tranny mounts, UTVinc front engine mount, Lowrance HDS8 GPS, 36" curved Baja Designs light bar, 10" Rigid light bar, oversized sun visors, onboard siren/horn, welded studs on rotors/hubs, new a-arms, new spherical bearings in A-arms, spare tire and wheel on car, dual Parker Pumpers for driver on copilot, Race wiring - no fuses - everything is on milspec switches and breakers, Rigid and KC race lights, fuel cell, Odyssey battery, onboard axle holder and axle, Front mount tool tray and parts bag, TMW cage and bumpers, Twisted Stitch seats, LSR clutch pin set, new primary and secondary, 2 onboard fire extiguishers, 2 storage bags on roll cage, and Sparks Racing exhaust. I'm sure there's plenty more build parts, but this is what I could remember.
This is the list of Spare parts: Parker Pumper, 6 clutch pre filters and air filters, 1 unopened barrel of race fuel, set of trailing arms, A-arm, clutch cover, set of 4 wheels and 4 new tires, many clutch parts, RH and LH steering knuckles, 6 rear axle assemblies, 3 front axle assemblies, many extra axle boot clamps, many spare bolts - new and used, wheel bearing carriers, and 2 extra beadlock rings.
Tools and pit parts included: 3 pit boxes with tools, 4 jacks, 11 gallon fuel jugs, 6 fire extinguishers, 2 small shop lights, many folding chairs, many straps for E-track, shovels, tarps, and 2 - 45 watt (I think) radios for pits or chase trucks.
I also have 4 carbon fiber Simpson helmets, 4 Hybrid Pro Haans devices, and 6-8 fire suits that are negotiable with the package.
Now the bad: The fire extinguishers need to be retagged - out of date, the 5 point harnesses are out of date, BITD changed their rules, and I have been told that the rear bumper needs a little mod to make it legal again. The machine has new clutches on it, but it needs to find its way to a Dyno to have them tuned, or get someone to tune them that knows more than I do. I've tried a couple of different sets of Polaris clutches and clutch set ups, and have problems eating belts. It could use a new driveshaft someday from some wear on it, but I've ran it in a couple of races as it is.

I rebuilt the machine with the intent of racing again, so everything is 100% as to how I prep for a race, other than the clutching. I live in MN, it is a long way to any of the BITD races so I replace anything that wears. The machine only has 4 races on it, about 1000 miles of racing, just over 1150 miles total.

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