Pro 4 Race Ready

Corpus Christi, TX$70,000.00
For Sale

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Ex Menzies/Ricky Johnson Pro 4
Kroyer Ford
Kroyer Trans
Ford Raptor Body
Ready to go!!!
Spares include
2 rear axles
5 front axles
4 track rods
2 sets tie rods
1 rack adapter
1 set front lower arms
1.5 set front upper
1 set upper slapped bump stop arms
1 front diff housing
1 front diff
1 set of spindles
1 set front hubs
Spindle fixture
Misc cv, hub, front drive, clutch parts and bearings
2 converters
1 front drive shaft
1 underdrive/transfer case
7 front rotors

    Off Road Race Vehicles   Listing #183759   Posted: May 16 Expires: Jun 30