La Vaquita,

Phoenix, AZ$250,000.00 OBO
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$250,000 each

Flying Dutchmen Racing designed and built with over 25 years of Baja racing experience.
These trucks were custom designed, built, developed, raced, and maintained by Nick Vanderwey and his team including Baja Legend, Curt LeDuc. These are unique custom race trucks that utilize the best components from the mass-produced trucks. Because of the superior driver visibility, these trucks are especially capable in tight technical sections.

Unique features include:
4” narrower track width than most TT/6100.
The very best visibility over the hood and around the A-pillars.
Center mount fuel cell gives a consistent ride, full to empty.
Very low center of gravity.
Light and easy handling.
Optimized trailing arm configuration for maximum weight transfer and traction.
Zero bump steer through the entire wheel travel.
No engine computers and none of the sensors that fail.
Minimized electrical load, capable of racing over 100 miles without an alternator.
Simple to maintain and repair.

The very best components:
Dougans 474ci 800hp, Braswell carburetor
Rancho Drivetrain Transmission, High geared 1st and 2nd, Reid case
Tubeworks Underdrive
Tubeworks Axle
Brembo Brakes
King Shocks
Finishline Racing Wiring
Motec Display and data logging
Geiser components:
Lower Trailing arms
Lower A-arms
Spindles and uprights
Hubs, brake rotors
Many spares
Truck #1 comes with all parts to race TT or 6100/TT Spec

Proven track record:
2nd Overall 2011 Baja 1000
2nd Overall 2009 Baja 500
Numerous 3rd-10th place finishes.
3rd Place 2010 Score TT Season points

Jerry Seinfeld describes 2nd Overall

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