Jeremy McGrath 2017 Championship Pro 2

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2016 Stamper Chassis with modifications  $150,000.00
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This Pro 2 truck was completely rebuilt before the last race of the Lucas Series. The truck is extremely reliable with 4 wins, 4 thirds, and all top 5 finishes in 2017. It is very fast and also took several pole positions. If you are looking to race in 2018, look no further. With the amount of spare parts you are ready to go racing. Jeremy and our crew chief will be available at your first day of driving for assistance and advice.
McGrath Pro 2 comes with the following:
12 forged ICON wheels, 12 New Maxxis tires, Extra bodies fiberwerx, Front and rear coil overs and bypasses, 3 fans, 3 hear exchangers, 1 power steering cooler, 2 CBR Radiators, Power steering rack, servo, bypass valve, steering shaft, 2 dynamic converters, Third member, 2 distributers, carb, starter, fuel pump, regulator, fuel filters, .195 Reid case turbo 400 trans, 430 Chevy race motor with ID design front pully kit. Alt, PS pump, Dailey pan and pump, new axles, 4 Currie hubs, 2 Tubeworx hubs, 2 Brembo calipers, 4 new Brembo rotors, 3 sets new pads, 2 upper rear links, 2 lower rear links, driveshaft, 4 sway bars, 2 sway bar links, 2 sway bar arms, 3 tie rods, 2 upper A arms, 2 lower A arms, 8 limit straps, 2 spindles, 2 bedside hangers, 10 bedside mounts, and a full tank of VP!

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